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What is takes to WIN the BFT 8 WEEK CHALLENGE

What is takes to WIN the BFT 8 WEEK CHALLENGE

July 31, 2018

I am extremely proud and excited to announce our Body Fit Training 8 Week Challenge WINNER for May-July 2018 who has also won themselves a return trip for 2 to an exclusive pad in Noosa for 7 nights!

Ed Monteith from BFT South Yarra lost an amazing 11.6kgs, dropped 13.8% body fat, and INCREASED his lean muscle mass by 2.5kgs! See his body scan results below!

It is an unbelievable achievement, particularly to drop his body fat percentage whilst gaining muscle mass! Ed - congratulations, your transformation has been outstanding!

To share more about Ed's journey and hopefully share some inspiration and motivation for others with similar goals, I asked if he could answer a few questions. See below for our interview!

What do you love about Body fit?

First and foremost, the people at BFT – friends, trainers and people you meet along your journey.  Whether you are starting out on your own health kick or training for an event, BFT caters for a diverse range of people, goals and fitness levels – as with most things in life you get out what you put in. Before starting at BFT I was apprehensive about keeping up, but the program, structure and exercises, along with expert guidance promptly helped me to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

Why Body Fit?

Friends Jayson (G.I. Joe) Speck and Sam (The Loafer) Speck couldn’t stop raving about BFT and South Yarra's fearless leader Matty. After joining, it wasn’t too long before understanding what it was all about. Expert programming, convenient class times, charismatic and knowledgeable trainers, modern equipment and space where you don’t feel like a canned sardine. Also, the ability to join programs like the 8-week challenge where you’re supported with professional nutrition, lifestyle and training advise.

What made you join the 8-week challenge?

Have you seen my before photo? Don’t tease me I had enough on my plate.

We all have fluctuations in lifestyle, after being in a new role for just over 12 months I hadn’t adjusted to the more desk-based nature of work. Just turning thirty I wanted to tick off a couple of fitness and lifestyle goals - 300km ride around the bay, Melbourne Marathon, doing some activity before work, etc. In the past I’d pursue similar challenges under my own steam only to get injured or fall off the bandwagon. The 8 Week challenge provided structure, accountability and an easy to follow process.

What were your expectations?

Although with great intent, I was somewhat negative prior to the challenge starting. Honestly, I thought I’d get injured/sick, not be able to follow the meal plan and not reach the finish line.  This quickly dissipated after getting into a routine.

What was the hardest part?

After getting over the hurdle of the first couple of weeks I wasn’t getting the results I’d hoped for. It would be great for fat to melt off and strength to come overnight, I took a lot from the slight changes in how I felt energy wise and the output during sessions. Like any team sport, the sum of the parts (sessions) adds up to something pretty special by the end – don’t expect a Dangerfield or Martin performance overnight.

What did you learn throughout the challenge?

Prioritising nutrition, exercise & recovery equally. In the end I completed 62 BFT sessions and although tired, sore and exhausted at times backing up sessions wasn’t an issue. If we talk about fitness/sporting comebacks I’m probably up to triple figures. Coming off no training the body was a little beat up early in the challenge but the variety in exercises, low impact, accompanying nutrition plan and progression training was key to staying the journey. The combined priorities have provided a foundation that is sustainable and that I can build off – I haven’t felt as strong, powerful, mobile and healthy in years.

What did you enjoy about the meal plan?

The science behind the meal plan was interesting and the frequency and availability of snacks ensured I was never left wanting. It was reassuring to know that the plan had been designed specifically for BFT. The meals where not difficult to make and provided variety with the addition of ingredients normally outside of my regular diet. Oat Pancakes, Fritters, Quinoa, stuffed capsicums, gourmet style corn thin toppings and a variety of pasta dishes made for a delicious and enjoyable 8 weeks. Huge fan of tandoori also!

What was difficult?

Moving away from the staples in my diet (Red wine bolognese sauce with pappardelle) and foregoing my love hate relationship with Ben and Jerry.

In reality I had a couple of pots a week and the occasional pub parma but really started to enjoy eating healthy – even to the extent of opting for some blueberries, raspberries, strawberries & frozen mango over a bowl of ice cream.

What helped you give it your all or keep pushing hard and consistently?

Who doesn’t love a bit of competition? It was motivating to see others going through the same journey with regular posts and competitions on the Challenge Facebook page. The BFT MyZone heart rate monitoring and points challenge consumed me for the first couple of weeks. The team at BFT provided some excellent advice mid-way through the challenge which really boosted my results. Instead of doubling up sessions I cut back to one BFT session per day – the quality in my training went up significantly and the results improved also. I included some light cardio outside of BFT which provide good balance and recovery - two strength or HIIT sessions a day is not sustainable.

The easy to follow meal plan undoubtedly saved me from burning out on a number of occasions. Meal prep and simple but delicious meals ensured I was fuelled to perform whilst still maintaining a calorie deficit to achieve my weight-loss target.

Would you recommend it for others?

Nothing tastes as good as being fit and healthy – sign up now!!

As you know when it comes to weight loss I am VERY cautious to ensure it only supports a HEALTHY transformation and relationship with food, exercise and body as well as SUPPORT all dimensions of health including PHYSICAL, SOCIAL and MENTAL HEALTH. I created a RULE BOOK to best support optimal outcomes and prevent any negative effects that can be associated with weight loss.  If you are interested in joining us for the next round on October 1st, contact your nearest studio or click here.