Body Composition Analysis - Skin Folds

Amy is an internationally qualified Anthropometrist with the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK).

Skin Folds includes a comprehensive report outlining your body mass, stretch stature (height), skin fold measures, sum of 7 or 8 skin folds and an indication of your lean muscle mass. This tool is valuable in measuring nutrition interventions effectiveness and / or compliance over time. It can also be valuable information for athletes and coaches to determine a safe and optimal level of body fat for that athlete in their chosen sport.

What to wear?

For women, a singlet top and / or sports crop top or bra and above the knee loose fitting shorts are required to allow the body to be landmarked (measured up) and girths, breadths and skin folds accurately taken.

For males, a pair of loose, above the knee shorts are preferred. 

Change rooms and bathrooms are available.

Cost: 45 minutes - $66. This includes a report, discussion and electronic copy send via email.

Booking an appointment

Once payment has been processed online, a link to Amy’s diary will be automatically sent via email allowing you to book a time that best suits.

Amy is also available for group bookings where she may be able to travel to your sporting club or workplace. Please contact her at for more information.