Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss Nutrition Plan

Losing fat in a healthy way is the key element of this plan.

Weight loss is easy - it simply requires you to consume energy in deficiency. For example, if your daily energy requirements are 10,000kJ’s, and you only consume around 7,000kJ’s, over a period of time you will lose weight. What differs between a heathy, sustainable weight loss plan and a ‘fad diet’ or unhealthy approach to weight loss is that with a healthy approach, you will still meet your nutrition requirements. This avoids your body eating in to your muscle mass, thus decreasing your metabolic rate. Decreasing your muscle mass through rapid weight loss or ‘yo-yo’ dieting, in turn decreases the level (or line) at which your body considers you to be in a positive energy balance, making weight loss (keeping under the line) a much greater challenge.

As a qualified Dietitian, Amy has drawn on her nutrition and food composition knowledge to create this weight loss (energy deficit) meal plan that still includes a wide variety of foods, but in the right amounts. This ensures you won’t suffer from any nutrient deficiencies (which can have serious short and long term performance and health consequences), and also has intelligence injected in to it to ‘trick’ the appetite hormones and promote feelings of fullness. This makes weight loss much more achievable and sustainable.

One thing you won’t find in Amy’s Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss Nutrition Plan is a sense of ‘restriction’. Whatever your favourite treat or ‘sometimes food’ is, you won’t have to say goodbye to it. Instead, Amy provides guidelines on what quantity and frequency you can enjoy this food that will still allow you to achieve your weight loss goals, without having to sacrifice socialising and celebrating with friends and family.

Amy’s Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss Nutrition Plan consists of a skeleton to achieve your weight loss goals, in to which you can add your personal touches, together with a huge list of meal and snack ideas. Those with food allergies or intolerances, or are perhaps following a vegan or vegetarian diet are also well supported and empowered with knowledge.

An explanation of the key elements of healthy and sustainable weight loss, including Amy’s Dietitian ‘secrets’
Your meal plan cheat sheet
Nutrition and food composition information on commonly eaten foods, empowering you to always make informed decisions that support your health and fitness goals
Easy, tasty, affordable and satisfying meal and snack ideas
Alcohol guidelines, e.g. limit per week
‘Sometimes foods’ guidelines e.g. limit per week
Tips for eating out and travelling
Tips for cooking in bulk and cooking for families
Exercise guidelines