Personalised DIY Training Plan

Personalised DIY Training Plans

Amy recognises that everyone's exercise history, experience and goals are unique. Your likes / dislikes; current or previous injuries, time availability, and level of access to a gym with fitness equipment can also put limitations on your training options. Although you recognise your health and fitness is important, busy working, family and social lives can make creating an effective, enjoyable, sustainable and achievable training plan challenging - perhaps you could benefit from a specialist's attention to help you realise your goals?


  Those who require expertise and guidance to create a highly effective training program, but due to time, finances or location can't commit to fixed face-to-face appointments.

  You've got the motivation, you just need an experienced exercise professional to understand you and your lifestyle to guide you along the way.

  A written description of your program and recommended exercises, together with short instructional videos will ensure you can start your program fast, without needing to find the time to book an appointment with your trainer. You can train anytime, anywhere.

You may have had a scare with some recent test results from your GP and have been encouraged to decrease your body fat; improve your cholesterol and blood pressure results towards a healthy range, or train to decrease your risk of chronic diseases such as Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

You may be 6 weeks post delivery from pregnancy and ready to get back into some safe and effective exercises in your home; you could be learning to how to run 3km without stopping, or be an elite athlete needing a periodised strength and conditioning plan specific to your race / competition strengths / weakness - that pairs well with your regular sessions prescribed by your coach (if you have one).

Whatever your specialised needs are, Amy can assist with enhancing your health and fitness outcomes with a Personalised DIY Running / Cardio Training Plan or a Personalised DIY Strength Training Plan.