I Turned 60 and Decided the Mid-Life Crisis Would Be a Ferrari or a Ridiculously Long Run.

I Turned 60 and Decided the Mid-Life Crisis Would Be a Ferrari or a Ridiculously Long Run.

It has been an absolute honour working with Frank. He has such a huge heart. The way he would support and cared about his fellow runners was so beautiful! His energy and smile is just infectious! How could you not be uplifted in his company!?

Frank had is goal clearly defined, he was willing to put in the hard work and what had a huge impact was that we was able to put the trust into me to help him with his nutrition and training. I believe if we want to achieve something via the fastest route you need to engage professional advice and from someone who has been where you want to go. I have asked Frank to share a bit more about his underlying motive to enter a 100km run at age 60 and his journey to achieving his goal! I hope this inspires others to understand that the biggest barrier between where you are now and how you would love your life to look like is your limiting beliefs.

Some background on Frank and our work together:

“Two years ago I had an accident where I broke my leg. Recovery was long and slow. Whilst rebuilding my fitness I attended a “run camp” where Amy was a guest presenter. I was so impressed with her presentation and obvious knowledge that I made an appointment to see her at her rooms.
I turned 60 in February this year and decided the mid-life crisis would be a Ferrari or a ridiculously long run. I couldn’t afford the Ferrari so the run it was. I set myself a goal / challenge to complete the Surf Coast 100km Run.
Over the last six months Amy and I have tweaked my day to day eating, established a comfortable carb load plan in preparation for my long runs, worked on my strength (yes, she’s a strength coach too!!) and set in place a clear plan for hydration / fuelling during the long runs.
So, with the training done and fuelling / hydration plans in place the Surf Coast 100 arrived last weekend (21/09/19). I successfully completed the event in the time I had hoped for and enjoyed every moment of it. Fuelling and hydration went to plan and as a result I got through the event as comfortably as you are ever going to complete a 100km run. I have pulled up really well post event and I’m sure this is because of the plans and advice from Amy.
I am now planning my next big challenge and will continue to consult with Amy to safely get through the training and the event.”


How would someone best describe you and your character?
Jovial (most of the time!), determined, ‘black and white’, loyal, hard working.

What came over you to enter a 100km trail run? (What was your underlying motive?)
I had been interested in this event for a few years. I have seen it advertised regularly and felt admiration for those that have completed it. After breaking my leg I had a couple of years off running. Once I started to get my fitness level back I was looking for a big goal that was a bit out of the ordinary. My motive was fun and self satisfaction.

How long have you been running?
I started running in 2012 (Portsea Twilight Classic). I was taking the family there to run and at the last moment decided to enter and join the fun. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I finished last. But I was hooked.

For someone looking at completing a similar challenge but fearful of failure what advice do you have?
I believe that a run is 50% fitness and 50% mental strength. Select your event and plan how you are going to get there. If you execute the plan you’ll get there. I don’t care where I place I am happy to join in and grateful that I can do it. Failure would be not having a go at what you really want to do.

What was the hardest part of the whole journey leading up to race day?
The long hours of running alone. I would have loved more time for training but work didn’t allow.

What are your 5 key ingredients for success in training for a 100km trail run?

  • Sign up early – make the commitment
  • Set your training plan (there are plenty available for free online)
  • Get a professional onboard to assist with nutrition / hydration plans and strength training
  • Work with a run coach (if possible) – there free community groups in most communities
  • Know the beast – know the easier and harder parts of the run, join in the training runs put on by the event organisers
  • Get the best equipment you can afford (socks [so under-rated], shoes, poles, back pack) and train with it

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Was there a time when you thought of giving up? If so, what did you do to pull through that mindset?
I never thought of giving up. I did wonder if I was stupid. The training was harder than I expected. That is where the mind game kicks in. I had to get back into the positive head-space. Forget race times – the goal was to simply complete the event. Talking with others did help turn around any negativity. Also having a positive partner who believed I could do it helped.

What impact did your nutrition have on your training and performance?
Understanding this helped me endlessly. I had underestimated the importance of nutrition until I sought assistance. An example, is on one training run I forgot to follow the nutrition plan. As a result, at the end of the run I was feeling really unwell and other runners actually commented how unwell I looked. When I followed the plan I got through both training and the event as well as you can.

What was your biggest lesson learned when it comes to fuelling for endurance training and events?
Fuel properly. Engage a professional. Have a plan in place, practice with that plan during training and tweak as required. Then stick to the plan during the event.

So what is next?
I am running Two Bays in January 2020 (28km). I’m not running the 56km due to the heat. I am seriously considering a 100 mile run. New Zealand is an option. I will probably do the Surf Coast Century again. It was such a great atmosphere.

Note – the trail runners as a community are so welcoming and offer assistance, help, advice etc regularly.

Frank Webber.


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