Dish Hold & Dish Rocks

Dish Hold & Dish Rocks

Try these exercises in your next workout and strengthen that core!

Any gymnast will agree that the hollow or dish shape is key to be able to successfully perform many gymnastics skills, including handstand, back handspring and a muscle up, and if you have been following me on social media you will have probably observed my new obsession with developing these skills! Just days before my birthday (May 14th), I was so proud and excited to finally achieve my goal of a ‘strict muscle up on rings’. Today in fact I punched out 5! ????????‍♀️

One of the main exercises I have used to develop my strength and skill in this area is the dish hold, and then progressing to dish rocks. These exercises help train body tension as well as overall strength.

If you share common goals or just want to build core strength, give these exercises a go!



Start with the dish hold and once you’ve nailed that, progress to dish rocks.

If you are starting out, aim for 20 second holds and complete 3 sets with 1 minute rest, or complete an alternative exercise between. Once you have progressed to be able to hold for 3 sets of 60 seconds, progress to dish rocks.

With dish rocks, your aim is to keep a long body, maintain stiffness or tension. My key tips are:

– reach straight arms away, in line with ears like you are holding an imaginary block

– draw your lower ribs down, make a canoe shape with your body!

– draw your belly button to your spine and lower back into ground

– squeeze glutes

– hug legs together – someone shouldn’t be able to pull them apart

If you enjoy these exercises and have the chance, send me a picture or share on social media!

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