Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching

Anyone who has ever seen me train or has been coached by me will be very familiar with my routine warm up including my 3 dynamic stretches. When something makes sense and produces a positive effect, why change it?

Dynamic stretching is a more active stretch that works to increase blood flow (deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles), warm the body up and prepare you for work, both physically and mentally. It is best performed at the start of your workout.

By gently taking your body through its range of movement with a progressive nature, it will loosen up tightness from a sedentary day or previous workouts, and allow you to get the most out of your training session while reducing your injury risk. This means you progress faster!

By contrary, skipping this vital component and jumping straight into a heavy lifting weights session or high intensity cardio session, you won’t have allowed your body to work in its full range of movement and wake up neurologically, putting you at higher risk for injury. No one wants to be injured and set backwards!

Before your next cardio or resistance training session, try following my 3 dynamic stretches that target the entire body and its myofascial lines. Aim for 10 Forward Fold’s with Step Back Lunges each side, 10 Adductor Heel Reaches each side, and 5 Walk Out Planks. Compare how you feel mentally and physically before and after this 3-4-minute routine and observe your training performance, I bet you will start to see some great progression! Don’t forget to let me know how you go!

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