Podcast Episode 5: Quit Dieting and Learn to Love Your Body – Interview with Dietitian Lyndi Cohen

Podcast Episode 5: Quit Dieting and Learn to Love Your Body – Interview with Dietitian Lyndi Cohen

Lyndi Cohen is a regular guest on Channel 9’s, Today Show, founder of ‘Keep It Real Program’, author of ‘The Nude Nutritionist’ and your not so stereo typical, meal plan and diet promoting dietitian.
She is as REAL, RAW and HONEST as it gets and I bloody love what she is doing in this space!
As you will see on her social media, she holds nothing back when it comes to showing you what health, happiness and success really looks like!
Lyndi shares her struggles with body image and binge eating disorder, getting into Television and publishing her first book.
We chat about diet culture, disordered eating, exercise addiction, how to make peace with and love your body and how to eat intuitively, again.
Anyone who believes their next diet will be the answer to their body insecurities needs to listen up! This podcast could be life changing, and just what you need!
Find out more about Lyndi and her services on her website here or follow her on Instagram and Facebook. For more information on or to purchase her new book click here.

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