Healthy Life Redefined Podcast

Healthy Life Redefined Podcast

As a dietitian, sports dietitian, PT, strength and conditioning  coach, running coach, yoga teacher, having my own experience as a competitive athlete and recovering from my own complex health issues, my definition and value of health has transformed immensely.

We dig deep on topics that are often difficult to publish in mainstream media and discover what health, happiness and success really looks like.

I interview people who have inspiring journeys, may have at times fallen off their life path, found courage to get back on track, live with purpose and are willing to share their story to serve others.
I plan to release new episodes weekly. Please let me know what you like and want to hear more about.

If you think an episode will provide value for others please take a picture/screenshot and share on social media or send onto a friend. I would love if you could help others find this podcast by leaving a rating and review.

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