Podcast Episode 8: From “Triathlete”, “Fit” And “Healthy” Identity, Without A Period, To Redefining Health and Rediscovering Self – Sarah Menlove, Part 1 of 2.

Podcast Episode 8: From “Triathlete”, “Fit” And “Healthy” Identity, Without A Period, To Redefining Health and Rediscovering Self – Sarah Menlove, Part 1 of 2.

I am very excited to introduce a former triathlete competitor, HA’er and now Health Coach, Sarah Menlove.
I first met Sarah at a National Qualifying Race for Sprint Distance Triathlon in Moreton Bay, Queensland.
I remember when I first spotted her, the comparisons begun. She looked like a very strong swimmer, which was my weakness.
We ended up both finishing on the podium.

We connected on Facebook and as you may have experienced, your Facebook friends, people you follow on Instagram and your “News feeds” have a huge influence on your life. I remember years later Sarah popping up in my newsfeed and that she had totally undergone a transformation. She had stopped triathlon and shared her struggles not having a period and everything that came with it. In December 2017, according to my Facebook messenger I reached out “Hi Sarah, Wow I am loving your authenticity and raw self sharing your experience on social media. You have obviously learned a lot over the past year and really found yourself. Would you mind if I asked you a question? How long did you not get your period for? What did you do for it to come back and how long did the processes take? Assuming you have it now?” At this time I too had quit triathlon as I knew I it was not the right path for me.

This was me testing the waters. I was very good at ignoring there was a problem but her post obviously made an impact. Over a year later I got my period back after 7 years. Sarah was very kind and was open to sharing, she offered to chat over the phone so we organised a time to chat as at the time in NZ. This obviously sparked something in me but I was not yet ready to 100% commit. It wasn’t until 7 months later on July 20th I was serious about turning my health and life around, as I too used social media but more for accountability and awareness and I went live with my big post and told the world my story and that I was going all in! From this day it took me 5 months to get my period back and after stopping all exercise it took me 3 weeks.

This is an area I am so passionate about and one of the main reasons I started this podcast, to start some needed conversions, share real stories and help people to heal their relationship with food and body and live the rich and full life they deserve!
Depending on when you listen to this episode you will also notice I am or have expanded my services to better support people struggling with HA and their relationship with food, exercise and their body. This will include a small group online live courses with myself, events and one on one support. Keep an eye on my Instagram and website for more details or reach out via email!

Sarah is a certified holistic health and mastery level transformation coach. Having gone through her own very personal journey of the female athlete triad, orthorexia, stress fracture, hypothalamic amenorrhoea and body image struggles she is now committed to supporting others on their journey.
If you want to find out more about Sarah and how to work with her you can find and message her on social media.
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/sarah.menlove or Instagram @sarahmenlove.health or email sarahmenlove.healthcoach@gmail.com

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