Podcast Epiosde 16: Fertility Awareness Methods with Jessie Brebner

Podcast Epiosde 16: Fertility Awareness Methods with Jessie Brebner

Personally not having a menstrual cycle for 7 years (otherwise known has hypothalamic amenorrhea or HA), during my recovery I realised I knew very little about the female reproductive system, hormones involved and I had never gave much thought to cervical mucus because for years I didn’t have any!

When I embarked on my journey to recovery my period, fertility and then try to conceive I become very interested in all of these areas.

Learning more about my cycle, cervical mucus and tracking temperature provided invaluable information for not only tracking the health of my cycle but also to falling pregnant!

In this episode we go in to lots of detail about cervical mucus and other signs to look out for to monitor the health of your cycle. This knowledge and understanding will be helpful for those with HA, those who have just recovered their first cycle and may want to implement lifestyle changes such as reintroducing exercise, those who are wanting to fall pregnancy and learn about the “right time” to do the baby dance and also for those who want to avoid pregnancy without using the Pill!

Today’s special guest Jessie Brebner of Fertility Charting is a passionate advocate for Fertility Awareness as a gateway to improved health, body literacy and reproductive empowerment. She is a certified Symptothermal Method Instructor and the creator of Fertility Charting Journals. Jessie is passionate about the power of social media for communicating menstrual cycle health concepts. She also regularly blogs on menstrual cycles, fertility charting, journaling, conception and more.

Offerings discussed in the podcast by Jessie:

Today I help women with HA recover their periods, overcome food fear, inappropriate exercise behaviours, body dysmorphia and poor body image and help them to eat intuitively.

I also help women who have had HA become pregnant and I truly believe the HA recovery journey helps with many of the changes women struggle with when entering motherhood. I.e.. letting go of exercise and accepting body changes.

My 1:1 coaching program is my most personalised service I offer for women who prefer 1:1 support.

I also offer a small group coaching program that still offers 1:1 attention, support and the accountability you need to break through fears and adopting healthy behavior changes.

Apply now through my website or book a free discovery call to give me the opportunity to learn more about you, your biggest struggles and discuss ways I can support you.



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