Podcast Episode 13: Hypothalmic Amenorrea and Trying To Conceive – Interview with Dr Nicola Rinaldi Author of “No Period. Now What?”

Podcast Episode 13: Hypothalmic Amenorrea and Trying To Conceive – Interview with Dr Nicola Rinaldi Author of “No Period. Now What?”

In this episode I welcome back to the podcast Dr Nicola Rinaldi, author of ‘No Period Now What?’.
Nicola and I spoke in episode 2 and 3 about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and recovery, and I shared my journey with HA and what it took to regain not only my period and fertility but my whole life back!
I have recently learned that the “Trying to Conceive” rollercoaster is a ride that many have not been primed for. We often think that when we get out period back, all the hard work and emotional toll is over but to our surprise, for many it requires a whole new level of patience and self-compassion.

Nicola has been in the game of helping suffers of HA with fertility and pregnancy for many years working 1:1 with clients, through her research, writing, speaking and her Facebook community. There is no one else out there like her; with her experience with HA and fertility. I thought she would be the best person to help us navigate through this next life chapter of ‘trying to conceive’.
You can find out more about Nicola and all her amazing work via her website. Don’t forget to purchase her book “No Period. Now What?”

My HA journey was one of the toughest challenges I have experienced in my life and this stems down to the fear of losing my identity or who I believed I was and not feeling special or loved.

I could not be more proud of the courage I took on embarking on this journey as I was able to dig down deep and pull out the roots of life long limiting self-beliefs and lingering disordered eating behaviours that I thought I healed back in my teens! This journey helped set me free. Today I am much more peaceful, happy, grateful and have much more confidence, love and clarity in my life.
Through this experience I have grown extremely passionate about helping others heal from HA and have immersed myself in further research and training to develop my skills and since have been able to successfully help many other women heal and flourish.

The HA recovery treatment is simple but putting it into practice requires overcoming many psychological barriers for change. This includes beliefs and attitudes that relate to our thoughts and then actions and behaviours. So to effectively make change I believe we need to work at the root cause, starting with our core beliefs around our identity, feeling loved and accepted.
If you recognise that you have some unhealthy behaviours around food or exercise that are negatively impacting your physical or psychological health or you are simply feeling stuck, confused or scared, please reach out!

You can make an appointment either face to face or online with me here. It could be the best investment you ever make in your overall health!
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