Podcast Episode 17: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, Stigma and Recovery with Elena Kunicki

Podcast Episode 17: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, Stigma and Recovery with Elena Kunicki

I have begun to realise that there are a lot of misconceptions around Hypothalamic Amenorrhea or HA especially around WHO gets it, HOW it is caused, WHAT recovery involves and what the journey to recovering your period offers.
When I “thought” about getting my period back many years ago all I saw was all I had to give up or let go of which lead to fear, denial and ignoring the problem.
If I knew then what I do now about what my recovery journey offered me I would not have wasted over 6 years before I started taking action!
My passion to help raise awareness that no period is not ok and supporting my clients through the recovery journey is fuelled by my own personal experience and I am on a mission to provide knowledge and inspiring stories from others in order to inspire you!
Today I have invited fellow dietitian Elena to share her journey with HA and her words of wisdom!
Elena is a virtual dietitian for weight-lifting women who want to improve their relationship with food and fitness. Through her own journey to food freedom after a 6-year long restrictive relationship with food and fitness leading to bingeing, loss of period, and anxiety around food (among other things), she developed a passion for helping other women overcome similar struggles. Elena now offers coaching to women around the world. Her specialty is helping women break the restrict/binge cycle and can get their periods back naturally so they can feel at peace around food & their bodies for life.
Connect with Elena via Instagram (@weight.lifting.nutritionist) or email elena.kunicki@elenakunicki.com

More info on my services:
I help women with HA recover their periods, overcome food fear, inappropriate exercise behaviours, body dysmorphia and poor body image and help them to eat intuitively.
I also help women who have had HA become pregnant and I truly believe the HA recovery journey helps with many of the changes women struggle with when entering motherhood. I.e.. letting go of exercise and accepting body changes.
My 1:1 coaching program is my most personalised service I offer for women who prefer 1:1 support.
I also offer a small group coaching program that still offers 1:1 attention, support and the accountability you need to break through fears and adopting healthy behavior changes.
Apply now through my website or book a free discovery call to give me the opportunity to learn more about you, your biggest struggles and discuss ways I can support you.


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