Podcast Episode 18: Overtraining, Underfueling and their Consequences to Health and Performance with Triathlon Coach Sarah Grove

Podcast Episode 18: Overtraining, Underfueling and their Consequences to Health and Performance with Triathlon Coach Sarah Grove

Exercise can offer an endless list of health benefits from improving heart health, bone strength and even mental health.
What is less known is the impact of too much exercise, especially when under fuelled.
In the recreational athletic setting many athletes believe that to improve performance one needs to push past perceived limits, always be training hard and ignore their bodies telling them to stop. This can also be seen in the fitness culture such as gyms with fitness and weight loss challenges. Unfortunately this can create a dangerous recipe for injury and overall health.
Weight loss is often believed to be a sign of fitness, performance and the “success” of a fitness program. Visible weight loss is also often applauded by peers and coaches. Here lies the danger.
Amongst female athletes, it is not uncommon for periods to go missing with high volumes of training, inadequate fuelling and low body fat percentages. Although initially for an athlete it can seem convenient there is a lack of understanding about the reasons behind losing your period and the consequences.
In this episode I chat with Sarah Grove, triathlon coach, triathlete and now mother of 2.
Sarah and I met in January 2014 when I began my triathlon chapter and hired her as my first coach.
Sarah has been in the sport since 2008 and coaching since 2009. Sarah got into the sport due to a running injury, a stress fracture.
In 2013 Sarah took some time out of the sport after her Kona Ironman. She was burnt out, had adrenal dysfunction, fell out of love with it and was forced to stop training and stopped coaching. This was mentally very challenging.
Sarah got her health back on track, started coaching again in 2015 and returned to racing in 2016. She then took another 2 years off with kids and returned to racing again in 2019.

In this episode we delve deep into the importance of nutrition, recovery and listening to your body in edurance sports. We look at red signs for overtraining, under fueling, the importance of a well developed, individualised training program that takes into account training history, goals and lifestyle, consistent feedback with your coach and all the lessons Sarah has learned as both an athlete and coach.
I also share my personal journey though my triathlon chapter, the lessons I learned and as a Sports Dietitian and IMPORTANT role nutrition plays!

To connect with Sarah and learn more about her coaching services visit her website or Instagram @completeper4mancecoaching (coaching) or @triathlete_motivation (training, family, life!).

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