Podcast Episode 29: From Prescribing Weight Loss to Non Diet Dietitian With Bonnie Roney

Podcast Episode 29: From Prescribing Weight Loss to Non Diet Dietitian With Bonnie Roney

My passion to help women have a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body was not found at university. Nor was my dedication to help women recover their period and fertility.

It was fuelled by my own personal journey, challenges and growth.

Many of you may know that when I started out as a dietitian I worked mainly in the area of weight loss. Through my university degree and then stepping straight into private practice I just did what I felt I was trained to do and what my clients were asking for. I didn’t know any other way.

Although I was busy, making money and doing what I thought was my “dream job”. It just didn’t feel right, nor was it fulfilling. 

Years down the track when I came across new approaches to health including Healthy At Every Size (HAES) and Intuitive Eating it was a huge pivotal moment in my life personally and professionally. Part of me wished I could unsee it because it brought up a lot of questions and discomfort. 

It showed me that I had work to do on myself, that how I prescribed weight loss diets was NOT aligned with why I wanted to become a dietitian in the first place and that I was doing more harm than good. 

My purpose in becoming a dietitian was to help people feel and function their best with nutrition and exercise. 

I started to see that I was prescribing disordered eating behaviours, telling people to ignore their bodies and supporting them on a belief that they will be more happy, loved and successful if they lose weight.

It also shined a light on my health and relationship with self. Without a period for 7 years was an obvious sign that I had to do work on myself before I could really help others!

In the beginning I didn’t even have the language or full understanding of why I felt so off track, confused and stuck but I knew I had to follow my heart and gut instinct and I would find clarity.  And I am so glad I did!!

In this episode I invite fellow dietitian Bonnie Roney who helps women find food freedom by ditching diet culture and learning to eat without guilt or shame. Bonnie shares a similar journey with feeling the need to change direction and overcome the guilt, shame and judgement. 

Growing up, Bonnie too struggled with her relationship with food, along with many other women in her family which inspired her to pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian and help other women overcome similar disordered eating struggles. 

In her free time, Bonnie loves spending time at Florida beaches, going to wine tastings, and having fun with her husband and high school sweetheart Andrew, and Golden Retriever, Cooper. 

To learn more about Bonnie and her services visit her website or follow her on Instagram – @diet.culture.rebel 

For more information on my services, including my self paced online program “Recover Your Period and Rediscover Intuitive Eating” visit my website.

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