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Recover Your Period and Rediscover Intuitive Eating! A self-paced online course


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Purchase today and get access to:
  • Lifetime access
  • 3 hours of content broken down into 15 minute video teaching lessons
  • Activities, challenges and checklists as part of your workbook to support you in taking action, reflecting on your growth and self discovery
  • Mindfulness practices and intuitive eating exercises.

Take the first step now to recovering your period and setting yourself free!

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to recover your period but you are scared of gaining weight?
  • You want to improve your fertility but you are scared of reducing your exercise?
  • You are worried about your bone health but by backing off your exercise you are scared of losing your fitness identity, all your “hard work” and/ or managing stress and anxiety?


  • You are ready to get your period back right now but unsure about the best and fastest way to do so?

Then I have an affordable solution for you!

My online, self paced program contains my proven frameworks that have successfully supported many of my clients to regain their periods, make peace with their body and discover food freedom!

What’s included:

  • Do I have Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA)? HA Diagnosis
  • What causes HA?
  • Treatment aims
  • A Flexible Nutrition Recovery Plan to help you bridge the gap to recovery
  • Supportive versus unsupportive exercise for HA recovery
  • Overcoming roadblock such as “fear of weight gain” or “fear of losing fitness identity”.
  • Improving Body Image; a fundamental piece of recovery
  • Tracking progress and signs of recovery
  • Maintaining a regular cycle post recovery and returning to exercise
  • Transition to intuitive eating and body TRUST

Bonus module for until JUNE 30th!

  • Trying to conceive and pregnancy
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